Shahi Dining is a realised vision of Arwinder & Aman, a couple that is deeply passionate about all things food, Indian cuisine and hospitality. 

Arwinder’s education in hospitality gave a chance for his culinary prowess to shine, and then there was no turning back, he had found his calling! Founded in 2017, Shahi Dining stands for a ‘Royal’ dining experience, or how we love to call it,

‘A royal extravaganza of Indian cuisine’. 

Shahi Dining – A place to share food and moments that create gratifying memories. A convivial dining experience, classy and elegant yet so warm and comfortable.

We understand the true value of bringing ‘purity to your plate’ with each bite. Only using natural, unadulterated ingredients, local produce maximally and avoiding all artificial food colouring and preservatives, only pure Indian goodness.

We take pride in using the finest traditional recipes that pay culinary homage to our predecessors.

At Shahi Dining Indian restaurant, you will experience the real sense of gratifying hospitality. We serve with love, gratitude and finesse, that you will enjoy seamlessly.

Specialising in Dine-in and In-house catering and events, we’re here for it all – from intimate dinners and small gatherings to larger than life events. Shahi Dining at Rouse Hill & Windsor.