Best Indian Cuisine Combos

There are some food combinations that are just classic and inseparable. They are always together and never go out of style. You must be aware of some popular food combinations like Nachos with Salsa, Mac N Cheese, etc. But, here, we are going to tell you about some traditional Indian cuisine combos.

1.             Curry and Naan Bread

Curry is an integral part of Indian food. The rich silky flavor in a creamy curry sauce makes everything taste better. One of the most popular curry-based Indian dishes is the Chicken curry. The perfect blend of pureed nuts, cream, and yogurt along with the toasted spices, give it a distinctive taste. It is best eaten with naan as the starchy components of the naan complement the curry perfectly. A typical naan is made of white flour along with yogurt and yeast for making the soft elastic dough. There are several variations of naan that you can try with your curry.

2.             Papdi Chaat with Paneer or kebab entree

Papdi chaat is popular Indian street food with a crispy puri base and lip-smacking chutneys, curd, and veggies as toppings. With all the vegetables, chutneys, and spice, Papdi chaat gets a gamut of flavors in just one morsel. The sweet, hot, tangy, and crunchy flavors make papdi chaat a perfect side meal for a paneer or kebab entree. When you pair it with the juicy and moist kebabs or paneer that are marinated with a whole lot of spices, you get the perfect Indian cuisine combination.

3.             Indian meal with curry, tandoori roti, rice, and dal of your choice

This is a lunch platter eaten at every Indian household every day. A variety of dal, curry-based dishes, tandoori roti, and plain rice. You can also add salad, chutney, raita, or papad to the platter according to your taste. There are a lot of variations available in this cuisine combo, every single one of which is a balanced, healthy diet.

4.             Veg or Non-veg biryani with raita

Biryani is a celebration of everything that is great about the Indian cuisine – the fluffy rice, addictive curry flavors, the vibrant colors and the heady aromas. From chicken biryani to veg biryani, there are so many variations available. It is our favorite meat or vegetable buried under delicately spiced and fluffy rice. It is made in a pot over a low heat so that the rice absorbs the flavors of the curry. You can pair biryani with Raita, a yogurt-based dish that is salty, sweet, and savory. The cooling effect of yogurt, coriander and mint can tone down the heat from the spices of biryani.

5.             Dessert Combos

Indian dessert combinations exist to help you balance out the heatwave from the spicy Indian delicacy. One of the most popular Indian dessert combinations is Kulfi Falooda. The chilled and creamy kulfi paired with the Falooda. Kulfi is the Indian icecream created from reduced and thickened milk flavored with cardamom and saffron. Falooda is a sweet vermicelli that is flavored with rose water. Kulfi and Falooda are the perfect dessert mates.

There is no denying the fact that traditional Indian cuisine is vast. However, there are some classic combinations that go perfectly with each other. Even when you mention it, you cannot separate them. With the above-mentioned Indian cuisine combinations, you will be able to enjoy the dishes the way they are supposed to be enjoyed.