What’s So Special About These Entrees?

Indian food outranks that of other countries. The reason behind this is the cultural and regional diversity that is reflected in the food. The masala-packed fries, aromatic curries, parathas, and biryani, work together miraculously for luring you into its spell. Each dish has its own pandora of ingredients and flavors. Here are some of the entrees that will help you explore the world of flavor, fragrance-rich, and spice-packed Indian food.

1.             Amritsari Fish

Punjabi delicacies are some of the most popular Indian entrees. They have some of the most savory delights that have transcended the barriers of the country and secured a place on several hearts and plates across the globe. You must have all heard about Chicken Tikka, Chole Bhature, and Lassi. But there is one Punjabi dish that is still waiting to get its due – Amritsari Macchi. This is a fried fish snack that is coated with gram flour batter and seasoned with ground spices like crushed coriander seeds, garam masala, red chili powder, cumin, chopped green chili, lemon juice, and salt. All the flavor is infused in the fish through marination.

2.             Lamb Chop

This is a sizzling and marinated lamb chops dish that is marinated in the richness of yogurt. Inspired from the 90-year-old restaurant Karim from Delhi, this dish epitomizes the opulent Mughal cuisine of Northwestern India. Traditionally, these chops are prepared in a tandoor. However, grilling can be used as an alternative. The spices used for flavoring the lamb chops are aromatic, delicious, and warm without being hot. This is the reason why so many non-Indians love this dish.

3.             Calamari Rings

Calamari is squid and is relatively inexpensive and easily available. They are often sold as rings and that is why the dish is named Calamari rings. The Calamari is marinated in buttermilk and then mixed with the seasoned flour. This creates the coating for Calamari. Lastly, it is placed in hot oil for cooking and served with the choice of sauce immediately. This is a perfectly seasoned and crispy fried Calamari ring is a hidden gem from the Indian subcontinent that is a must-try.

4.             Murg Malai Tikka

Murg Malai Tikka is made of soft and juicy kebabs placed on skewers that melt in your mouth. To prepare this dish, bite-sized chicken pieces are cooked in a creamy marinade made of cheese, yogurt, garlic, ginger, and chili. It is not overwhelmingly spicy or sharp as the warmth of garam masala powder and the heat of chili paste is balanced with the creamy yogurt. The kebabs will be cream and mild with a rich taste lingering in your mouth long after you have eaten them. To make sure that the kebab has its rich, flavourful, and authentic taste, it is marinated in two parts.

First, with vinegar, ginger, and garlic that tenderizes the chicken and then, the remaining ingredients are added. You also have the option to either get the baked or grilled version, whatever suits your food palette. Pair the Murg Malai Tikka with a cilantro-mint chutney and give a happy dance to your taste buds.

Indian dishes are so flavourful and have so many varieties, that it can be overwhelming and daunting for some to try out. With these special entrees, you will know exactly what to order the next time you visit your favorite Indian restaurant.